So which are the best box mods in the various wattage classes?

This is an area of vaping devices that is on the serious rise, as vapers are moving to 30, 50 and 100 watt machines.

What is it about a box-shaped e cig that has so many vapers excited, willing to pay $100 or more dollars (even more than $200) for a device with no battery or tank? Why are they turning heads in spite of the beautiful tube mods out there?

Box mods are exciting because they are generally variable wattage devices; at least, that is what consumers are usually talking about. In their eyes, a box mod almost automatically features a 20 watt maximum or better, sub-ohm capacity, and a smart chip. As for the “box” style, that’s flexible. Some are boxier than others.


Here are some of the best box mods, almost all for under $200:


Vaporfi VOX II Mod (Sub Ohm) – 50 Watts – $169

At $169.99, the VOX is one of the higher-priced mods on this list. If you want a top quality mod from an excellent brand, to either have complete control of your vaping experience, or to blow huge vapor clouds, this is the mod for you.

VOX II MODHighlights:

  • 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm resistance
  • Can adjust from 7-50 watts
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • 510 threading with adjustable pin
  • Digital OLED screen
  • 6 month warranty
  • High-Capacity 35A 2500mah Battery (Battery Included)

This is also the item on the list that has the most complex design, with a blend of rounded edges and corners to combine geometry with fluidity.

It offers a pass-through function, but batteries are removable too. Use 30A, 2100-mAh batteries.

It is the perfect size for a high quality, powerful device:

VOX II in hand

Despite high-tech looks, it is fairly easy to get the hang of.

Check out The VOX II Mod Here


Distinguished Aspects:

  • 6 Month Warranty (You won’t find another device with this)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast Shipping
  • You deal with Vaporfi directly, as opposed to a third party retailer
  • Live Customer Support Team to assist you with product technical support (6 days a week)

Buy The VOX:

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Best Value:

The VOX Mod kit for $199.99

This kit includes the VOX 50 mod, a high capacity battery and your choice of tank or RDA (everything you need).

VOX II kit

VOX 50 Kit Coupon ($175.99 after discount):

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Kanger KBOX (Sub Ohm Mod) – 40 Watts – $26

Kanger KBOX ModThis is a new release from the well known e-cig brand Kangertech.

They’ve created a beautiful new style with their sleek design.


  • Sub Ohm Down To 0.4 Ohms
  • Adjustable wattage from 8-40 watts
  • Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection

The KBOX is powered by a single 18650 battery.





Sigelei 150 Watts – $95

Sigelei 150w box modThis is the most powerful box style vape from Sigelei, a well known and respected brand of these types of mods.

If you are looking for a ton of power, for a very reasonable price, this may be the device for you.


  • 0.1 – 3.0 ohm vaping
  • Spring loaded adjustable pin
  • 10-150 watts

2 18650 batteries are needed





sigelei 100 starter kitSigelei 100w Bundle – $93 – $111**

This mod is also available as a starter set.

Pick your favorite tank and get the Sigelei 100w as a kit.

Choose from a Kanger Subtank, Aspire Atlantis or a number of other compatible tanks.

My Freedom Smokes offers a discounted price when purchased as a bundle.


Check it out at:

** Price after discount code:

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IPV V3 – 150 Watts – $100

pioneer4you ipv3 150This is the third version of the popular IPV by Pioneer4you.

This one pushes 150 watts, and there will be chip upgrades available to increase the wattage even more.

It uses a Yihi SX330 V3 S 150W Chip, and connects to Yihi SX GUI software for upgrades.

It features variable wattage from 7-150 watts, has an LED screen, and features an adjustable 510 pin.

This is a dual 18650 battery mod.

The price listed does not include the batteries.





SMY 260 Watt Mod – $136

SMY 260w

If you are into horsepower and such, this mod is probably for you.

It puts out 260 watts of power!


  • Adjustable wattage from 5-260 watts
  • Sub ohm down to 0.3 ohms
  • Temperature sensor
  • 510 connection
  • Multiple protection features (short circuit, low voltage etc.)

This device is powered by 3 18650 batteries






Check Out The KBOX Bundle at MyFreedomSmokes for $70**!

MFS KBOX BundleMy Freedom Smokes has a nicely priced package deal if you’re interested in the KBOX.

Comes With:

  • 1 40w Kanger KBOX
  • 1 Kanger Subtank
  • 1 eFest 18650 battery
  • 1 charger for the 18650

Choose from the standard Kangertech Subtank, or the mini Nano or the Mini while they are in stock!

Check out the deal at

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eLeaf iStick – 20 Watts – $29**

istick 20 wattThis is an extremely popular, and very affordable mod.

If you are looking for a nice simple mod, and a decent price point, this may be the device for you.


  • 2200 mAh Battery
  • OLED screen
  • 510 threading
  • Adjustable voltage from 3-5.5 volts
  • Low voltage protection
  • Atomizer short circuit protection


** Price after discount code:

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Innokin iTaste MVP V3.0 – 30 watts – $57**

itaste mvp3This is the latest in the line of Innokin box mods, the MVP version 3.0.

They clearly are looking to make a competitive machine in this fast growing sector of the vaping industry.

This is similar to the V2, with 30 watts of power, rather than just 15.

It’s a well thought out device, and if you’re on the market for a great performing 30w device for under $100, you can’t go wrong with this.


** Price after discount code:

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eLeaf iStick – 30 Watts – $34**

eleaf istickThis is an upgraded version of the well received original 20 watt iStick.

This device has many features built into it to give the user the optimum vaping experience, along with full control of their vape.

Some Features:

  • Sub Ohm Capable, Supporting Coils Down To 0.5 ohms
  • 2200 mAh battery
  • OLED screen
  • Short circuit protection for the atomizer
  • Pass through capability (vape while you charge)

This is a nice mod with decent power for anyone looking into a well priced box mod that supports sub ohm coils.


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code VISTATEN for 10% off your order at Vista Vapors!




SMOK XPRO BT50W (Sub Ohm) – 50 watts – $80

smok xpro bt50 blackThis could be a tech geek’s dream.

This is a beautiful 50 watt box mod from the renowned company SMOKTECH.

Visually, it does resemble a few others, like the Sigelei and IPV (above and below), although it has a different feature – Bluetooth connectivity.

There is an app you can use with your iPhone or Android to make adjustments on the device.

Possible adjustments include fully mechanical mode, as well as adjustable voltage and wattage.

If you are into tech gadgets, and having full control of your vape, you may love this machine.

Here’s a screenshot of the options through the app:



  • iPhone/Android App
  • Adjustments from 6 – 50 watts
  • Adjustable 510 connection
  • DNA style display screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Anodized finish
  • Sub Ohm down to 0.2 ohms

This mod needs a single 18650 battery.





eLeaf iStick Mini – 10 Watts – $21**

iStick miniIf you are looking for the tiniest, and by far the cutest box mod available, look no further than the eLeaf iStick Mini.

This version of the well known iStick is almost the same, besides the display being on the top, next to the 510 connector, rather than on the side.

The screen shows the battery life and puff count.

Available in pink, blue, silver and black.


** Price after discount code:

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A Few More Nice Devices:


Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 – 11 watts – $33**

Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0A box mod does not have to provide excess power and cloud-chasing capacity to be worth your money.

Note: This price offered by Mount Baker Vapor is a KILLER DEAL btw (usually this is $60, which is still a decent price).

This is one of the most loved, original box style mods, and they are price slashing since newer models have come out. If you are getting your first box mod, this is a great one!

Innokin makes excellent box mods like the MVP which is not capable of high-watt, low-ohm use but is a power bank, a sleek and slim machine, and much cheaper than some of the other boxes listed. Those new to VW items should start with Innokin.

This is 510 threaded and has a nice price point

This is a very well known, popular box mod.

It features variable wattage adjustment from 6-11 watts and voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.0 volts.

It is available in a couple elegant colors like grey, black and white, and when purchasing from MBV, they offer 1 free 15ml e juice with purchase.

Check out the connector, which allows you to charge your smartphone, too cool!


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code 10OFF for 10% off at Mount Baker Vapor!




Innokin iTaste MVP 20 Watts – $30**

Why is this cheaper than the MVP 2?

This is the same device with almost twice the power. The reason it is cheaper is because the 20w MVP DOES NOT come with an iClear clearomizer.

If you love all the features of the MVP 2, and just want a device with a little more power, and don’t need the kit (with the tank included), they have a 20 watt option:

mvp 20w


This is essentially the new version of the MVP 2, as the other one gets phased out. The lower price is because this one does not come with an iClear clearomizer in the kit.


** Price after discount code:

Discount: Use promo code 10OFF for 10% off at Mount Baker Vapor!




Cloupor T6Cloupor T8 – 150 watts – $160

This company makes numerous VW mods. One of them is a 30 watt, but they go higher. No matter what you decide, Cloupor is a good model which uses the Yihi chip.

Some people would argue that it’s not good enough to rival the Evolv, but you could also argue that since chips are upgradeable anyway, you can always keep the box and upgrade the firmware of your Cloupor in the future or replace a chip if it blows up.

The Yihiecigar SX chips are most known for being able to produce more wattage, and are continually upgrading them to keep pace with the Evolv DNA chips.

Why The Price Discrepancy?

This is a good question, and it isn’t easy to answer since the Cloupor website does not list authorized retailers. You can see quite the varying price ranges, from the low prices on Fasttech, which claim to be authentic, though they typically are known to be all clones on that site.

The Fasttech listings all do show nice reviews, and even some posted on other sites mentioned they are happy with the cheap Cloupor box mods (presumably like the Fasttech ones). Otherwise the jury is out on how to tell, other than the bar code authentication on the bottom of the Cloupor website, but that sort of defeats the purpose since you need to buy it first to find out.

Otherwise, people seem to enjoy the style and ease of a Cloupor mod. Sub-ohm vaping is a standard feature of anything over 30 watts and the same goes for Cloupor devices which also detect resistance, warn against incorrect settings, and defend your mod against short-circuit or overheating. Screens on these devices are small but clear.






Hana ModzHana Modz – 30-40watts – $250

Hana Modz is the expensive box mod I’ve listed on this page.

One feature the Hana Modz has that many don’t is vivid color. Hana Modz offers their mods in two sizes and numerous bright hues which rival the Halo Triton for sheer brilliance.

Another point in their favor is that Hana Modz makes their gear in the United States.

One plus with the aforementioned VOX that you won’t find with the Hana Modz is that the VOX will protect against reverse battery while the Hana Modz cannot guarantee protection in such a case. They strongly recommend taking care not to reverse the polarity.

An internal chip does register some potential issues like low resistance, the need to charge your battery, a weak battery, and more. Its screen automatically becomes dim if you don’t press buttons for a while and turns off entirely after a few minutes. That will save your battery in the long run. It is possible to operate a 20-watt maximum or 30 watts just by inserting a particular battery: Hana Modz tells you which one.

Buy: (authorized Hana Modz dealer)

Looking for Hana Modz clones?

See the Cana 30 below, or check Out: for affordable Hana-style mods – $50 range




EPower 3 – 15 Watts – $63

e-power-3This is a sleek iPhone shaped mod, which is improved from the original version made by Katady.


  • 3400 mAh battery
  • Voltage output from 3-6 volts
  • 4GB flash drive
  • OLED screen
  • Capability to charge smartphones and other devices
  • Interface provided by Texas Instruments

If you’re looking for a slim mod that has a nice simple, and has 4GB of disk space for your favorite iTunes songs etc., and a big 3400 mAh battery to last for hours, then you’ll enjoy the ePower 3.





More About The VOX II

For anyone doing extra research, here’s a few more aspects:

The VOX II voltage output is between 3 and 8.5, selected automatically by the machine depending on the resistance of your atomizer which the internal chip also detects.

As your machine chooses values and you select watts, a screen shows everything: resistance, watts, and volts. This is how a variable watt e cig works.

While many box mods measure about 3 inches long, the VOX is big at 3.9″, but that’s still small when viewed as part of the bigger picture. It’s not heavy, but by using stainless steel Vaporfi ensured the VOX wouldn’t be a lightweight either.

The VOX 50 is tough, but much of the protection you enjoy (against battery reversal, short circuit, too much voltage, too low voltage, and more) comes from the chip. Brains keep you safe in this case, not brawn.

Price Point:

This is one of the more high priced devices on this page, and so why you ask, would I pay this when I can get a cheaper device with the same or more power?

First off, you have their customer service department at your disposal if you have an issue, and they are the same company which released the product, unlike the majority of these types of mods that are out there. (Most would entail a long distance call overseas, though they are beginning to move satellite offices and sites to the US).

Next, quality materials cost more (aluminum body, stainless steel tube and copper contacts), where clones or cheaper mods uses different materials, alloys etc. and they probably don’t have to go through inspections, QA, and they save due to little to no warranty coverage or money spent on research and development. All of these things definitely add up.

And you will be hard pressed to find one that has a full 6 month warranty like this one, 30 days is most common, and I haven’t seen another 6 month warranty out there.

This is not a new, small company. This is a veteran in the e cig space, who’s been in the market since its inception, and so it is not a fly by night brand who’s going to evaporate before your warranty is even halfway through.

I personally, with this type of investment, would prefer the peace of mind with a solid warranty and customer support from the company. And for anyone making patriotic purchasing decisions, of the brands of the devices listed, this is one of the only brands listed on this page on US soil.

Vaporfi VOX II Starter Kit Option – $199.99

There is also a complete starter kit available for the VOX:

VOX Starter Kit image

This includes 1 high capacity 18650 battery, a rebuildable Bolt atomizer, a drip tip, and some extra hardware – essentially everything you need besides e-juice, and of course Vaporfi has an amazing selection of e-liquids.

Here Is What Comes With It:





Bolt RDA



18650 Battery



Hardware Parts

Vaporfi Bolt accessories


Check out the VOX starter kit here.


Why So Much Written About The VOX?

This isn’t chump change for anyone, and so it’s important we explain why this is the device we recommend. (Plus our discount saves you more, especially if you get the full kit or get a sub-ohm tank from them with it, as the discount goes towards all hardware). There are also good reviews about all the other devices listed (many that are budget friendly), and so we of course recommend them also, and one of them may be the perfect mod for you ;) Happy Vaping!


Need a Sub Ohm Tank?

Check out the new Volt by Vaporfi :

VaporFi? Volt Hybrid Sub Ohm Tank

VaporFi? Volt Hybrid Tank

For a limited time, Vaporfi is giving away a 30ml bottle of the blend of the month with each Volt purchase. Check out the deal here.

Check out the full selection of Vaporfi Tanks here


Vaporfi 12% Coupon Code:

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No Longer Available:

Cana DNA 30 Variable Wattage ModCana DNA 30 Mod – 30 watts – $59

MBV has discontinued this item for now, the page is missing from their site.

This is a 510 threaded mod with a nice price point

It features variable wattage from 7-20 watts, and an OLED display which shows oHms, watts, voltage and the battery life.

The body is made of finished aluminum, and is available in a variety of colors.




How To Choose Box Vapes

There are box mods developed by e cig companies and box-style vaporizers. Each one features the same cube-like shape or something close to that.

In the e cig department the term “box mod” distinguishes vaping “pens” from bigger APVs like the Innokin iTaste MVP. This is what we’ve highlighted above as it is what most people think of when looking these up, e-liquid vap mods.

Vaporizer companies selling box mods are talking about tabletop devices that plug into a wall socket, and are typically for herbs. There are some portable box-shaped vaporizers, such as the Magic Flight vaporizer, pictured just below.

Magic Flight Launch BoxBox Vaporizers for Herbs

If you vaporize herbs rather than e-liquid, then your box mod is literally just a heating element inside of a cube or a shape like a cube wearing a hoodie. The back extends a little higher than the rest of the unit.

There are risks when buying this particular sort of vaporizer, namely the fact that they are so easy to make. Anyone with a bit of electronic aptitude can buy the parts, knock out a shape, and stick the heating chamber inside.

The danger is that wiring will not be properly connected. Materials will fail to resist high heat and will not be food-grade. Overheating materials of sub-standard quality will release toxic fumes into the vapor. Vaping is healthier than smoking, but not when this happens.

Moreover, these homemade box mods often don’t work or they only work for a short time. If you paid $40, got what seemed like a great deal, then wound up with a useless hunk of junk, you probably bought your vaporizer from a company with a PO Box that changed addresses as soon as they made a few bucks. Now you can’t find them to get your money back.

Always Buy from Reputable Dealers

Look on a website for authorization from a company to sell their box mods. This protects you from being left high and dry with a faulty machine.

You can make a claim against the warranty and have faulty pieces exchanged. Also, customer service is there to help you work out minor problems which might arise from simple errors made at your end.

Vape World is one the the most well known stores for herb vaporizers, and has a couple of box-shaped desktop units as well as the Magic Flight.

Box Vaporizers on the Market

The Easy Vape 5, Hot Box mods, and Vapor Brothers models have all achieved decent reputations. They are efficient, user-friendly, and often attractive. Hot Box mods are available in plain colors and prints and cost between $110 and $200. The Easy Vape 5 is popular. It features digital five-button controls, a ceramic heating element, and heats up quickly.

Vapor Brothers have been making devices since 1999 so their reputation has had time to steep. See what they’re up to by visiting a vaporizer supplier online.

Some Features of a Desktop Box Vaporizer

If you have always wanted a hands-free vaporizer, this is your best bet. Box vaporizers often come with a ground glass system which means the connection between chamber and wand is secure. You really literally do not have to use your hands when vaping. That is convenient if you read and vape simultaneously.

These units often create thick vapor. They also come in two formats, like candle-style tabletop devices: digital or analog. Set the controls by turning a dial or pressing buttons. Temperature options range from about 200F to around 400F.

Look out for boxes with multiple tubes suitable for use by two or three people at the same time. Also check the length of tubing. A few are fitted with too-short vinyl tubing, a problem you can easily rectify without technical support.

Profile of a Box Vaporizer

Vaporite entered the market in 2005. Their latest model is a high quality, affordable 6th Element Box Mod shaped like a rectangular ham radio or old-fashioned VCR. Made of steel, it is coated black and pre-assembled. Use it right out of the box to vaporize oils and aromatic herbs by deploying a whip system which is assisted by forced air.

The dual digital temperature display is a nice touch and easy to read. 6th Element vaporizers are popular globally.

Pricing of Box Vaporizers

They are simple and straightforward to use, so it’s no wonder box vaporizers commonly sell for affordable prices. You can easily purchase a good one for less than $100. It won’t have the many features of a Volcano with automatic shut-off timer and a cooling coil, and it won’t work with a balloon, but for less than $100 you would have a mains-powered device working consistently and reliably for several years.